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Botti Studio of Architectural Arts is a nationally recognized company headquartered in Evanston, Illinois with additional offices and design facilities in New York City, La Porte, Indiana, Sarasota, Florida, San Diego, California, Agropoli, Italy and Nassau, Bahamas. The Company maintains nearly 40,000 square feet of studio space in Glenview, Illinois and La Porte, Indiana. The Botti Studio team includes over 40 full time craftspeople, technicians and conservators.






Botti Studio established in Agropoli
Panzironi Studio established in Florence 
studio established in America
 Italo and Ethlyn merge studios

For over 140 years, since its establishment in 1864, Botti Studio of Architectural Arts has been committed to the design, fabrication, installation and preservation of fine ecclesiastic artwork. Throughout its history, Botti Studio has been at the forefront of new developments in the business, including the creation and adoption of many new techniques and products to improve our craft. Architectural art pieces demand a heightened understanding and concern for longevity, craftsmanship and durability. Botti Studio prides itself on the leadership position it has developed in the techniques required to produce and install art glass and artwork of lasting beauty. The Studio’s artisans, craftspeople and fine artists have been trained to meet and exceed the exacting standards required to restore your irreplaceable artwork and to work with you to create new commissions. From initial design, to fabrication, to installation, the crafts people at Botti Studio exist to help you realize your artistic visions and bring them to harmonious reality in your place of worship,  commercial or living space.




Botti Studio follows standards set by the leading associations in our field, including standards established by the SGAA, the AIA, and National Preservation Brief #33






     Botti Studio, a family-run business, has been in continuous operation in the United States for 145 years. The studio has developed many historically significant projects including the restoration and conservation of twelve cathedrals, hundreds of churches and synagogues, and the largest Tiffany dome in the world. One of our most recent projects was the re-creation of a 10-ton, five-level lay light ceiling in the famous Palm Court Room of the Plaza Hotel in New York City.

     Botti Studio specializes in the design, restoration, conservation, and fabrication of leaded stained glass and Dalle de Verre glass. The studio also specializes in statuary, marble, mosaic, bronze, brass, steel, painting and decorating, murals, and all types of woodwork. Services include conservation and restoration projects as well as new and contemporary projects for ecclesiastical, new repairs, restoration / conservation, secular, and commercial institutions.

     My parents, Italo and Ethlyn Panzironi Botti, began managing the Botti Studio in the 1960’s.  My brother Dominic and I came to work at the studio after finishing school, and we eventually took over the business from my parents.  Italo and Dominick have both passed away, but  our staff of 40 craftsmen, artisans, and conservators,  are continuing our family tradition of promoting fine craftsmanship and technical skill. We are proudly devoted to the fine art of stained glass, as well as related architectural arts. We firmly believe in the value of preserving the fine architecture of our culture’s heritage.

     To learn more about our projects and business, please explore our Web site or contact the studio.

Ettore Christopher Botti
President, Botti Studio of Architectural Arts, Inc
Established in 1864


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